Our manifesto

A sustainable growth

Bringing sustainable change within the production process and our actions is not only a matter of obligations, but a strategic incentive towards improvement and growth.
To achieve this goal, Growermetal has launched the Greenmetal Project, a system that aligns the company’s environmental conduct with four main pillars: supplier selection, material selection, process development and resource optimization.

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Sustainability targets

Long-term planning towards a zero-impact future

We are committed to become net zero carbon

We are working to reduce CO 2 emissions and achieve Carbon Neutrality by 2050, as set by the European Green Deal for Carbon Neutrality in 2015.

We reduce our environmental impact

Through targeted interventions and effective, structured actions, we aim to optimize the environmental profile of our company.

We improve energy efficiency

We integrate renewable energies and use resources responsibly, to reduce consumption and enhance efficiency at all production stages.

We encourage circular economy

The use of natural resources, the rational recovery and disposal of waste materials allow us to reduce waste, with less energy consumption.




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photovoltaic system



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Our key points
for environmental protection


In Growermetal we select suppliers in order to reduce any negative impact and guarantee full compliance with the environmental protection regulations and laws.


We work on the transition to sustainable raw materials and we collaborate with the supply chain to reduce our ecological footprint by investing in materials such as low-impact steel.


Innovative technologies and planning allow us to optimize the resources used in the production process, minimizing pollution. Our goal: improve the company’s environmental performance (EMS).


The industrial water harvesting system recovers the water used in production, while renewable resources and the reduction and safe disposal of chemicals make our company even greener.

Code of ethics

We encourage change from the inside

The Greenmetal Project promotes Growermetal’s sustainability values and principles, through awareness-raising activities and training addressed to all the employees.

Daily internal strategies and effective actions are essential to make our company responsible and eco-friendly, achieving sustainable long-term development, supported by ten key interventions:

Increment of electricity production from photovoltaic system and from alternative energy sources.

Heat recovery from heat treatment processes to warm the company’s departments.

Reduction of industrial waste production and chemical consumption in production processes.

Reduction of single-use plastic and responsible management of waste aimed at final recycling.

Lower electricity consumption thanks to the automatic machine switch-off in case of inactivity and the installation of led lighting systems in the departments.

Reduction of CO2 emissions through energy efficiency.

Recycling and reuse of oil and water from production processes through separation and purification plants.

Industrial rainwater harvesting system with storage containers for later use.

Replacement of dangerous chemicals with more sustainable products.

Creation of internal signage to encourage an eco-friendly working environment.

Policy for quality, environment, safety and energy


Clean energy to create renewable models

Photovoltaic power plant

Thanks to our photovoltaic power plant we have been producing part of our energy independently using clean sources, contributing actively to the reduction of CO 2 emissions.

Responsible management system

ISO 14001 certification

The company’s Environmental Management System (SGA or EMS) includes the organizational structure, planning activities, responsibilities, practices, procedures, processes, resources in order to develop, implement, achieve, review and enforce the environmental policy.

Obtaining ISO 14001 certification is a proof of our commitment to sustainability.

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