Growermetal’s manufacturing process is completely developed by in-house departments, through functional services and processes. The internal management allows a competitive service, thanks to the optimization of the timing, the constant investment in human resources and the continuous technological innovation.

Manufacturing process

Tooling design

Tooling building and maintainance


Steel wire rolling


Surface finishing treatments

Heat treatment

Mechanical zinc plating

Zink flake coating




Tool shop

Tools and softwares to shape new projects

CAM-CAD-CAE applications and our advanced and updated machinery equipment offer the maximum flexibility and high-productivity in terms of tools design and building.
In order to achieve the highest precision of the toolings and production equipment, we rely on different technologies, including CNC drilling-milling machines, EDMs, CNC grinding machines and CNC lathes

Heat treatment

We aim to improve every material

Heat treatment processes allow us to change and transform the microstructure of raw materials, improving their properties. The process thus ensures the maximum control of the parts providing security washers with the highest safety performance against loosening.


We make solutions for extreme applications

Our solutions range from the blanking for the production of security washers and flat washers, to the cold working of the wires for Grower split-lock and spring washers for railways. This is how we create the most suitable products for every sector or field of application.

Mechanical zinc plating

Corrosion-proof resistance

Mechanical zinc plating treatments are the perfect choice when you need an anticorrosive, resistant and uniform coating. This low energy consumption process is carried out in our modern plant as an internal process. Therefore, in addition to the coating of our washers, we are able to provide third party products.
In order to offer the best parts, Growermetal uses exclusively original Mac Dermid® chemicals, which have been studied on purpose to get a high-quality and high-performing coating.

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Zinklad 250M

The Growermetal’s Mechanical Zinc Plating Plant has been certified in the year 2009 by MacDermid® and has been included among the main homologated Platers for the Zinklad 250M. Surface Treatment.

Why choose mechanical zinc plating?

There are several considerations in the choice of a correct surface treatment. Here you will find 9 good reasons for deciding on Growermetal’s mechanical zinc plating:


Absence of embrittlement risks of the pieces due to the presence of hydrogen


Absence of sticking pieces after plating


Excellent Adhesion and controlled uniformity of coating thickness


No risks of modification of the hardness during the process (no detempering)


Excellent corrosion protection


Excellent electrical conductivity


Environmentally friendly process


Several post-plate treatments (passivations and sealers)


Excellent overall appearance

Zinc flake coating

Perfect locking with no compromise on aesthetics

The wide range of zinc-flake coatings provides outstanding quality and aesthetic results on washers and flat parts.
During the coating process no hydrogen is produced and thus there is no danger of any embrittlement due to the application process, ensuring a perfect protection against corrosion. The use of exclusively original Dörken guarantees best performing coatings for our range, by providing a choice of different solutions of base and top coats.

Fully automatic warehouse

Efficiency is our priority

The storage automatization optimizes all stacker cranes missions, allowing us to satisfy customer’s needs quickly and without errors. We have a modern warehouse with a self-supporting structure, with more than 5.500 storage places for Euro pallets. In addition, the handling of the automated packing lines is assured by laser controlled LGV-shuttles and by 4 stacker cranes with 140 combined cycles per hour.
The whole warehouse is supported by a computerized system of the latest generation with a Software (WMS – Warehouse Management System) which has been exclusively developed and tailored as per Growermetal’s requirements.

Quality control

Providing flawless products is our mission

The commitment to providing products that meet the highest technical, quality and safety standard is part of a company’s credibility and authority. This is why we invest resources in equipping our quality laboratories with the latest testing instruments.


Our team is at your service to find the best solution for every request.

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