Corrugated elastic washers


Corrugated elastic washers are designed to compensate for axial play and misalignement in an assembly and to reduce risk of disassembly.
Corrugate elastic washers provide light to moderate spring forces in tight spaces.
Two types are available: corrugated elastic washers for soft materials (i.e. aluminium, copper and plastic) and corrugated elastic damping washers which compensate for axial play of a component (i.e. bearing).
Corrugated elastic washers are normally designed for use with bolt/nut assemblies involving fasteners of a property class less than 5.8.

Products list

  • DIN 137 B - Corrugated elastic washers
  • DIN 6904 - Corrugated elastic washers for screw and washer assembly (sems)
  • Corrugated elastic washers according to customer specifications

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