Grower TenKeep® washers


Growermetal’ s R&D department has developed the safety washers Grower TenKeep® exploiting the technical know-how acquired over the years together with the use of simulation software and numerous laboratory tests.

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The safety washers Grower TenKeep®

Are flat washers that have the 2 surfaces with knurls of different  geometry, specially designed in order to ensure maximum performance against loosening of the bolted joints, even in the presence of extreme vibrations and dynamic loads.

Grower TenKeep® safety washers are manufactured by Growermetal in 3 different versions and can be used with bolts of all strength classes up to 12.9:

Grower TenKeep® M

Medium Series, ideal for hexagonal head bolts, from M5 to M30.

Grower TenKeep® L

Large series, ideal for flange-headed bolts and for bearing surfaces made of soft materials (aluminium, plastics, etc…), from M6 to M20.

Grower TenKeep® C

Cylindrical series, ideal for cylindrical head bolts, from M6 to M20.

  • For further information about Grower TenKeep® washers, please refer to the technical brochure.


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