Spherical washers and conical seats


Spherical washers and conical seat washers are also known as spherical washer sets or self-aligning washers. They can be used individually but most often as an assembly for applications where clamping surfaces are not lying parallel to one another or on uneven surfaces. The washer assembly consists of a “top” half that is convex (i.e. DIN 6319 C) and a “bottom” half that is concave (i.e. DIN 6319 D or DIN 6319 G). The top washer has a slightly narrower internal diameter than the bottom washer. This enables a bolt or screw to pass through both washers and automatically self-align to compensate for any angular deviation between the clamping surfaces. The spherical washer sets are designed to allow for an approximately 3 degrees angle of correction.

Products list

  • DIN 6319 C - Spherical washers
  • DIN 6319 D – Conical seats
  • DIN 6319 G – Conical seats
  • Spherical washers and conical seats according to customer specifications

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Technical charts


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