SpheraTech is among the winners of the Route to Fastener Innovation

March 2023

We are proud of our team’s achievements at the 9th edition of the Fastener Fair Global, Stuttgart.

During the event, Grower SpheraTech® placed second as the most innovative product at the Route to Fastener Innovation competition, after the previous success of Grower TenKeep®, that took the third place during the 2019 edition of the competition. An important result for our company, which in recent years has invested in exclusive branded technologies. These include Grower Detecto® and Grower Reaction®, which were on preview at Messe Stuttgart, with live demonstrations and applications.

Going back to Grower SpheraTech®, it is an inseparable set that combines a spherical top washer and a conical seat washer into a unique piece. This solution aims to simplify the application of standard products, improving the fixing performance while minimizing the loss of parts or the risk of incorrect mounting.

The announcement of the winners took place during the second day of the trade fair at the Fastener + Fixing magazine stand, where the three finalists, including our team with Grower SpheraTech®, were presented with their products.

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