Conical elastic contact washers


Conical elastic Contact washer range has been designed to create an elastic pre-load in a bolted-joint connection so as to reduce risk of unwanted loosening.
Growermetal’s conical elastic Contact washers range is ideal in applications requiring vibration resistance, parts subject to temperature variations and oversized or oval holes.
The combination of the conical geometry and radial ribs on the washer’s upper surface provide a high resistance to loosening of the bolted connection whilst avoiding damage to the bearing surface.
The broad Growermetal’s conical elastic Contact range include washers ideal for applications with hexagonal bolt head screws, flanged bolt head or oversized holes and socket head screws.
Conical elastic Contact washers are normally used with bolt of property class 6.8 and 8.8.

Products list

  • NF E 25-511 M - Conical elastic contact washers medium series
  • NF E 25-511 L - Conical elastic contact washers large series
  • NF E 25-511 N - Conical elastic contact washers narrow series
  • SN 70093 - Conical elastic toothed contact washers
  • Conical elastic contact washers according to customer specifications

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